30 Green Kitchen Decor Ideas That Inspire

Green is one of the colors that are loved by many people because it’s very relaxing and calming. Green is the color of nature, and there are many shades you can opt for in decor. Pastel and muted greens create a relaxing ambience, dark greens are perfect for moody interiors, and emerald is a color loved by everyone, it can easily fit any space from a glam to an industrial one. If you are a sucker for green, you gonna love our today’s roundup because it’s dedicated to green kitchens.

You can add green to your kitchen in various ways, for example, rock green cabinets and a kitchen island, go for green countertops or walls, or make a green backsplash. I’ll tell you of two most popular ways: a green backsplash and green cabinets.

Green Kitchen Backsplashes
A green kitchen backsplash can beautifully add a colorful touch and make your neutral kitchen stand out, and the darker or bolder shade you choose, the more it will stand out. You can choose tiles of various shades: emerald, pale or muted green, dark green or any other shade that you like. Add some touches that echo with your green backsplash, for example, lamps, countertops or some accessories. You can also extend a kitchen backsplash and cover the whole wall or walls with green tiles, this way you’ll add more color and create a strong impression.

Green Kitchen Cabinets
There are green shades for all kinds of styles and looks, I’m sure you’ll find yours! If you are a sucker for vintage and even Victorian-inspired decor, moody and dark shades of green are right what you need for the cabinets, and they will look adorable with a marble backsplash and natural wood countertops. Want something bold for a statement? Choose a bright shade of green to rock, add natural wood countertops or go for white ones to create a contrast. Almost all shades of green look amazing with brass touches, so choose handles in this color to add a glam feel. If you are looking for calm and peaceful decor, pastel greens are for you. Mint is the most popular color here, and I can’t imagine a better shade for a farmhouse kitchen – such a great take on traditional neutrals! Get inspired by the pics we’ve prepared!

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