Cookshop Halogen Accessory Bundle

Cookshop Halogen Accessory Bundle
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Enjoy the full Halogen cooking experience with this fantastic accessory bundle, with everything you need to whip up delicious dishes, from heavenly homemade bread loaves to fun kebabs and fries
Frying Pan – perfectly cook eggs, omelettes, your favourite sausages and even pizza with this frying pan Simply place on the high rack to avoid any messy oil drips and get cooking.
Baking Tin – This tin isn’t just limited to baking mouth-watering cakes, it’s also great for homemade bread, cooking rice and pasta! For your baked goods, transfer your uncooked mixture into the baking tin and place directly into the halogen glass bowl. You may need to adjust cooking times as per your custom recipes.
Skewers – Make your very own kebabs with this brilliant set of skewers, perfect for bringing your favourite meats into one, easy dish. To use, slide your ingredients onto the end of the skewer, stacking as you go and taking care of the sharp end. Place onto the dual rack to cook.
Contents 1 x Frying Pan, 1 x Baking Tin, 1 x Skewers, 1 x Tongs, 1 x Frying Mesh

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