This is my daughters play kitchen setup. I talk about all of the items that we love! There will be another part to this video where I talk about other toys as well!

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1. Melissa & Doug Cleaning Set (many other stores sell this item)

2. Hape Kitchen Sink/Stove (They did not have the color I have with the extra accessories but they have the purple version that does come with them.)

Purple version with extra accessories

You can also buy the extras separate if you want one of the other color schemes. Accessories/dp/B006WZLCZ4/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1530367904&sr=8-7&keywords=hape+kitchen

3. Melissa & Doug Cart

4. Melissa & Doug Basket with boxes and cans

5. Hape Kitchen Fridge

6. Wooden Cookies

7. Green Toys Cupcake Set

The version that I bought (on sale):^213818382700-device^c-plaid^346281158375-sku^4355389-adType^PLA&gclid=Cj0KCQjw1NzZBRCoARIsAIaMwuvN9yg7v2dYmcQjpdp6SE8t1nez6AI8WavwUajTiwvNN5oR6BufEFoaAjXmEALw_wcB&cm_ite=[4355389]

Target has another color variation:

8. Hape Waffle Maker
The white one I have (2x the price! Definitely wait for a sale!!)

The regular one

9. Hape Toaster

10. Melissa and Doug Canned food

11. Learning Resources Food Set (They are not Eco to me and I do not have all the pieces anymore..but since I showed a few of their items here is the link)

12. Plan Toys Food And Beverage Set (I ordered from Amazon but it isn’t available on there anymore)

13. Hape Coffee Maker

14. Hape Mixer

15. Melissa & Doug Pizza

16. Green Toys Tea Set

Music: Ehrling: Sommar

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