How to Pinterest a Kitchen Remodel

If you’re planning out a kitchen remodel, or you’re just daydreaming about the kind of kitchen you’d love to have someday, Pinterest is one of the most powerful tools you can use to bookmark ideas, designs and layouts. Not only is it an easy way to create a mood board for your project, but it’s also an easy way to share your ideas if you’re working with a designer. But there’s also some pitfalls to avoid when planning your kitchen design, and we hope that these four tips will help you do just that.

Plan out your boards

It might be tempting to throw all of your pins into a single board labeled “Kitchen” but you’ll be doing yourself a huge service if you think ahead and make it a little more organized. You don’t want to end up with one board with hundreds of pins and you’ll never be able to find a particular pin ever again. So consider the different kinds of pins you’ll be making, and create different boards for them like Layout, Cabinets, Appliances or Color theme. But be prepared to be flexible and split certain boards up if they become too unmanageable.

Just Pin It

This might seem counter to the first tip, but when you see something you like, just pin it without thinking too much about it. You’re essentially pinning based on your emotional reaction to an image, and the more of it you do, the better you’ll understand the design aesthetic you’re actually after. You can analyze what drew you to that design later and categorize it, but it’s important that you just capture it as soon as you react to it.

Edit the Comments

Whether you know right away why you’re pinning something, or you’re categorizing your pins later on, take the time to make a note of why you pinned it in the first place – Maybe you liked the light fixture, or a unique cabinet design, or anything else that’s noteworthy. In this process you’re bound to have hundreds, maybe thousands of pins, and you’re likely to forget what drew you to pin or or another.

Delete, Delete, Delete!

It’s easy to pin a lot, and you should, pinning will help you when it’s time to make a decision about your design. But once you’ve made that decision, you don’t need those pins anymore. All those pins helped you make the purchase you wanted, and anything counter to your final selection will just feed your buyer’s remorse. So once you’ve committed to a decision, clear out that board, and move on to your next decision.

Whether you’re using modern tools like pinterest to plan your kitchen remodel, or taking a more traditional approach, these for tips will really help you make the most of your planning.

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