Moody Dark Kitchen Décor Ideas

Moody décor is in trend for sure: dark walls, black furniture and contrasting accessories can make any space refined. Today we are sharing cool moody kitchens that really got an ambience like no other, and you’ll see that moody doesn’t mean gloomy.

A moody kitchen can be of any style, the main idea is the color scheme and the atmosphere it creates. For moody kitchens black and dark grey are the most popular colors. You can easily find such cabinetry from various designers or even paint your kitchen yourself. VIPP is one of the most famous producers of such kitchens: they’ve got a lot of black metal options for the fans of industrial style. Not to make your kitchen boring, play with textures: black metal, black tiles, black stone or marble, black wood or plastic panels look different and can be mixed and matched to advantage. Another idea is to paint the walls and backsplash in dark colors and then rock light-colored wooden cabinets for a contrast

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