Roofing Project For a Local Ministry

Roofing Project for a Local Ministry is a short film about and Allan Yocum and his friends helping out a local Tahoe ministry. You will see the process of putting on a roof in Tahoe. You will get to meet Casandra the owner of the property. She was a missionary in Mozambique for 7 years. She will share her vision and passion in what they want to accomplish. They want to create a place of peace for people to come and rest. We at Life to the fullest hope this will give you a taste of what it looks and feels like to be part of our lives.

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Hey guys in this video you will meet Allan Yocum. This is his channel, Life to the fullest. He will be teaching and showing you what it is to live life to the fullest with Jesus Christ. This is the beginning of a journey. He is a missionary and will take you along in his adventure to many different countries where he has lead outreaches. This channel is packed full of testimonies and Holy Spirit movement. Allan is a great example that Jesus can use any one. We just need to say yes to God’s leading. Allan Yocum has a lot to offer. He is a accomplished musician, who loves to play guitar. He is also a culinary wizard who can pretty much make amazing food out of nothing. Allan is a full time missionary who is part of YWAM Redding and attends Bethel church. He loves to serve in the healing rooms at Bethel church and see the power of God flow. We, at life to the fullest want to be part of revival. It is part of Allan’s heart to change the world and see heaven come to earth. Revival starts with us.
Here is a short word from Allan Yocum to tell you a little more.

“My name is Allan Yocum, and I am a missionary at YWAM Redding! Three years ago I felt the Holy Spirit start to talk to me about the Middle East. It was something that I didn’t really have a heart for at the time, but slowly He has planted seeds of compassion in me and given me a heart for the nations specifically, the hardest and the darkest parts of the world. To be part of world missions, and to see the lost reached. It was challenging at first to see things from His perspective; however, He has been very patient with me.
I am now a full-time missionary working for YWAM! I have been on staff for two years, during which I’ve had the opportunity to lead two outreaches! Currently, I just returned from Turkey leading a team, and God’s been doing crazy things! We’ve had the opportunity to pray for, and minister to many people, and have been witnessing the power of God in miraculous ways!


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