Yellow Kitchen Decor Ideas To Raise Your Mood

It’s fall and the colors around are getting moody and darker, and we lack sunlight. There’s a simple way to make your mood sunnier – add yellow to your home decor and you’ll get a sunny touch that will raise you mood. Today I’d like to share some ideas to rock yellow shades in your kitchen cause this is the place where you have coffee and breakfast in the morning, and it creates your mood for the day.
Yellow Cabinets

If you want a colorful touch, yellow kitchen cabinets are your choice. There are various shades to choose from: from saturated buttermilk shades to lemon and neon yellow, so you’ll easily find something that you like. As for combinability, yellow goes well with neutrals, dark colors and some bold ones like navy, emerald or lavender. You can get a black moody kitchen with yellow cabinets, or an airy white space with the same, or go for a trendy two-color kitchen with suspended yellow cabinets and dark ones below.

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